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Happy Hookers Detroit started off as a fun way to teach my friends how to crochet.  Now, a decade later it has become my life line.  I knew very early on I wanted to work with yarn and make original clothing, but to hand crochet and knit takes so long I never thought I could make a living doing it.  Then I found vintage home knitting machines!  The brand of knitting machine I use has not be manufactured since the 1990's and they are very hard to come by.  The last one I bought out of a barn in Peru, Indiana!  These knitting machines are still very difficult to operate and the learning curve has been steep.  I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities and I am looking forward to writing new patterns and to see what I come up with next!  It takes a massive amount of trial and error to turn and idea into a pattern, but everything on this website is 100% original and written by me.  I do not steal other people's ideas or patterns.  Every single item you see I made from imagination.  The whole process from balling yarn to sewing I do personally.  With your purchasing support, I hope to one day have a workshop where people can learn and create their own products all under the HHD Clothing label.  To pay someone to help me and learn this craft would make me one Happy Hooker!  The ultimate goal is to bring textile manufacturing back to Detroit one Hooker at a time!  Thank you for helping my dreams come true!
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Checkered Armies Checkered Armies

Take wearing argyle to the next level with this cool checkered design. Knitted in 100% washable yarn. Available in color varieties.

Our Price: $35.00
Fingerless gloves Swirl Armies

Mesmerizing pattern that makes your arm look like an art show. Knitted with 100% washable yarn. Available in multiple colors.

Our Price: $35.00
Paisley Armies Paisley Armies

Never have bare arms again! These Paisly knitted armies have a very unique pattern that will leave you addicted. Knitted in 100% washable yarn. Available in multiple colors.

Our Price: $35.00
Diamond Armies Diamond Armies

Beautiful diamond patterned armies make a statement. Knitted with 100% washable yarn. Available in multiple colors.

Our Price: $35.00
Blooming from the heart of Detroit comes Happy Hookers, an up and coming fashion label must have. Happy Hookers produces knitted goodies to give that pop to your wardrobe. From unique Armies to jazz you up, to knitted Hoods, Skirts, Sleeves, and Bow Ties. Hooking has never been this fashionable! Great for holiday gifts, birthdays, or just to show off your own artsy taste. Jump into Detroit by jumping into a Happy Hooker original.