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I know we all love the Cloaking Hood and Scarf Sleeves but the yarn Gods have taken away my Rainbow Boucle yarn. So I no longer offer the original Hoods and Sleeves. I am looking for another yarn and hope to find something comparable soon. So for now I have a lovely selection of Hats, Headbands, Leg Warmers and of course Armies! Butt Sweaters are also available and I am working on some fleece lined mittens. So stay warm my friends and thank you for visiting Happy Hookers Detroit! Make sure to like my Facebook page for new designs and festival information and subscribe to my Youtube channel for a behind the scene look at my crazy process! You can also find me on Instagram with the hashtag #Happyhookers313

Infinity Scarf Infinity Scarf

I call these infinity scarfs Cloud Scarfs! They are super light and fluffy and feel like a warm cloud around your neck!  Available in a variety of colors they are sure to keep you cozy and looking great!

Our Price: $38.00
Checkered Armies Checkered Armies

Take wearing argyle to the next level with this cool checkered design. Knitted in 100% washable yarn. Available in color varieties.

Our Price: $35.00
Fingerless gloves Swirl Armies

Mesmerizing pattern that makes your arm look like an art show. Knitted with 100% washable yarn. Available in multiple colors.

Our Price: $35.00

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